Facebook Hits Support. A Buy?

By now, you have probably heard the Facebook story. In short, Facebook faces intense criticism over news that Cambridge Analytica, a political research company with ties to President Donald Trump, had allegedly illegitimately obtained and used 50 million Facebook user profiles. US and UK lawmakers fear the data was used to sway voters in the last presidential […]

Bond Market vs Stock Market

This week, rather than taking a shorter-term trading view of the markets, I’m taking a more long-term, “30,000 foot” view of the bond market vs stock market. I don’t allocate capital or take trading positions based on this broader view. However I do find it helpful to look at the big picture from time-to-time, so […]

Trend Change?

Markets are now operating under a different regime from 2016-17. In this post I discuss whether we are witnessing a trend change in the stock market and how I’m positioning my trading for this new regime. A trend change? February 2018 capped-off a streak of 15 consecutive months of positive performance for the S&P500 on […]

Stayin’ Alive In The Stock Market

The stock market correction is here Stock prices officially “corrected” last week. In most walks of life, the idea that something has been corrected typically ushers feelings of confidence and relief. This is yet another area where the stock market is different from real life! I wrote last week that I expected the S&P 500 to […]

The Most Important Number In Finance

The most keenly watched interest rate in the world is stirring things up. The 10-year US treasury (10yr UST) yield is arguably the most important number in finance. It is the de-facto global “risk-free” interest rate used in financial calculations across the world (the rate of return that theoretically bears no credit risk). The chart […]