I Still Think The Market Goes Higher. Key Levels To Watch.

In this video I highlight key levels to watch in the market and outline why I continue to give the bull market the benefit of the doubt. The trend is less certain than it was, so we need to see how things unfold. Now is not the time for fear OR complacency.

Getting Hit By A Bus

For the second time this year, the stock market got hit by a bus last week. In this article I take a look at the week’s dramatic action in the stock market and look to see whether the weight of evidence leads me to expect higher or lower prices in the future

Facebook Hasn’t Derailed The Bull Market

Watch the market update video. The bull market continued unabated last week, with the S&P 500 pushing through a key resistance level I have been highlighting and reaching above the 2800 level again. Strong earnings season Second quarter earnings have been helpful to the stock market. So far this earnings season the “beat rate” is […]

Some Bullish Developments

Watch the market update video. This week I have recorded for you a short (9 min) video covering some bullish developments in the markets. Below, I have briefly summarized what I cover in the video: Firstly, this: The QQQ is the ETF that tracks the NASDAQ. This is a BULLISH development for the NASDAQ, which has been providing […]