I Still Think The Market Goes Higher. Key Levels To Watch.

I still think the market goes higher, key levels to watch [Video]...

I have put together a quick (15 min) video outlining key levels and my thoughts on the stock market.

In this video I discuss:

1:15 Why a “W BOTTOM” in the S&P 500 looks likely here

1:43 Current price action in the S&P 500

2:18 What would cause me to become MORE CAUTIOUS on the market

2:50 The ONE KEY question you must ask yourself before getting bearish on the market right now

3:30 How sentiment looks – everyone is worried about everything

4:24 Performance so far this EARNINGS SEASON

4:52 S&P 500 key levels

5:13 NASDAQ key levels

5:48 Breakdown of each of the major sectors including bonds and gold

9:16 The Dow Jones looks like it has already put in a “W bottom”

9:48 Why the lack of a rally in bonds is potentially GOOD NEWS for stocks

10:55 Key support levels for oil

11:22 Key levels for the MID-CAPS

11:55 Advance/Decline line showing BULLISH DIVERGENCE

12:52 Why reducing your position size is a SMART MOVE in this environment

13:30 How to NOT get CHOPPED-UP by the market

14:00 How the market wants to SUCK YOU IN to doing the WRONG THING