What To Expect From The Stock Market In 2018

Heading into the end of the calendar year and many stock market pundits are sharing their guesses forecasts for where stocks will go in 2018. In this article I promise to spare you the “S&P 500 will close at 2450 on 31 December 2018” type of forecast. Instead, I’ll give you an outline what I […]

How To Trade At All Time Highs

As you’ve probably heard, US stocks are trading at record highs (well, almost). And it appears the weight of money is seriously behind the rally. According to Reuters, US equity funds attracted their largest inflows in 18 weeks last week. US$7.5 billion poured into stock funds in the last week alone. This helps to explain […]

3 Reasons I’m (Still) Bullish On Stocks

Many pundits continue to warn that stocks are expensive, valuations are stretched, it’s the 30th anniversary of the ’87 stock market crash, etc etc – a sure sign that a market top is not in place. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 Index cruised to a another all-time high on Friday. Today I want to share with […]